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  • Post #7: Are We Safe Yet?
    In 1996, Oberlin College’s  on campus security force, then known simply as  the  “Department of Security ,” was re-branded with a kinder and gentler (if slightly wordier)  title  :  The Office of Security and Safety. Last fall , the same  on- campus  Keepers -Of -The- Peace underwent yet  another verbal makeover, morphing  this time into the “Office of Campus Safety.”  Does anyone detect an emerging theme? Is it possible  that something   about the word “security”  makes Oberlin students feel unsafe.?To be sure:  the phrase “secure space” doesn’t land  quite as gently on the ear as the infinitely more fashionable  “safe… Continue reading Post #7: Are We Safe Yet?
  • Post #6: The End of Adversarial Culture
    Last week’s blog post concluded with a recent exchange of e-mails, quoted verbatim, between myself and the current editors of The Oberlin Review.  In the course of defending  their decision not to publish  a short letter I submitted  about their latest editorial , “Media Coverage of Gibson’s Verdict Misses The Mark” (June 18, 2019) , they insisted  that   “…the Review has consistently maintained the same high standard of ethical judgement in its coverage of Gibson’s. For these reasons, we feel it would be inappropriate to publish your submission.” With as much sarcasm as I could muster, I agreed , unhesitatingly,… Continue reading Post #6: The End of Adversarial Culture

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