Mission Statement

Welcome to  “GibsonsVsOberlin.com.” I know. I know. It’s  not the sexiest imaginable domain name for a new blog. But it is what it is. And besides,  “fuckrogercopeland.com” was already taken. (If you don’t get that joke, scroll down to the first entry in the “video diary.”) Each week, these oral testimonials on video will explain why I followed this trial so closely, how and why it became “personal” for me. The written blog posts by contrast, will comment on the trial in a more reflective, disinterested way. My decision to create this website was made on June 27, 2019, as I listened to the President of Oberlin College, Carmen Twillie Ambar and the Chair of the College’s Board of Trustees, Chris Canavan, publicly  struggling to “explain away” the reasons a jury had recently found the college guilty of having committed multiple crimes against a small, family owned bakery in the town of Oberlin, Ohio. (The specific charges  on which the College was convicted included libel , intentional infliction of emotional distress, and interference with business practices.)

My initial response to these unconvincing attempts at damage control was merely to fact-check all of the spin, evasions, and outright lies.  But I couldn’t keep pace ; so I began to envision a more nimble and imaginative mode of response : something like The Washington Post’s strategy for keeping  tabs on “The Ly’ing King” who currently occupies the White House .  WAPO’s Glen Kessler doesn’t just fact check Trump in a “true or false” way . He  awards each untruth one or more “Pinocchios.” (If Oberlin’s President follows Trump down this Proboscian  Path , we may have to add an official competition between them.) At 10,000 lies and counting, Trump has a clear head start. But at the rate she’s going, President Ambar may give Trump  a run for his money. And speaking of his money, he may not be a billionaire. But he’s probably worth $ 44 million. Whether or not Oberlin College can say as much (i.e. : pay as much) , only time will tell. Stay tuned.