Coming soon: 5 Outrageous Things About This Controversy That You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

Coming Soon.


  1. A story  about  the college’s student newspaper The Oberlin Review  , which published attacks on Gibson’s bakery without bothering to inform its  readers that one of its editors-in-chief had herself  been arrested for shoplifting at Gibson’s. Conflict of interest? You be the judge .
  2. A story about a tenured faculty member in Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music who texted about her desire to “smear the (Gibson ) brand.” Constitutionally protected speech or defamation?
  3. A story about a  member of Dean Raimondo’s staff who vowed  to “rain fire and brimstone” down on Gibson’s Bakery. Was this just an elaborate homage to one of the College’s founding spirits, the fiery revivalist Charles Grandison Finney?
  4. A story about Jonathan Aladin, one of the Oberlin students who eventually pled guilty to attempted shoplifting from Gibson’s.   Believe it or not, he spent his senior year (while still on probation) as the student finance committee’s treasurer . Only at Oberlin.
  5. Excerpts from testimony  by  Ferd Protzman, former chief of staff to Oberlin’s President . He describes  the administration’s fear that if bagels from Gibson’s were to be served in the dining halls, Oberlin students would throw a collective temper tantrum and smash them  on the floor.

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