Post #7: Are We Safe Yet?

In 1996, Oberlin College’s  on campus security force, then known simply as  the  “Department of Security ,” was re-branded with a kinder and gentler (if slightly wordier)  title  :  The Office of Security and Safety. Last fall , the same  on- campus  Keepers -Of -The- Peace underwent yet  another verbal makeover, morphing  this time into… Continue reading Post #7: Are We Safe Yet?

Post #6: The End of Adversarial Culture

Last week’s blog post concluded with a recent exchange of e-mails, quoted verbatim, between myself and the current editors of The Oberlin Review.  In the course of defending  their decision not to publish  a short letter I submitted  about their latest editorial , “Media Coverage of Gibson’s Verdict Misses The Mark” (June 18, 2019) ,… Continue reading Post #6: The End of Adversarial Culture

Post #4: False Emergency, Part II: Diagnosing PFAP (Premature First Amendment Panic)

Many years ago, I was writing an essay for a British publication in which I attempted to use the word “crazy” the way  people on this side of the Atlantic routinely employ it: as a synonym for “bonkers.” As in “What was she thinking? “Is she crazy? But my British editor saved me from a… Continue reading Post #4: False Emergency, Part II: Diagnosing PFAP (Premature First Amendment Panic)

Post #3: False Emergency

Much to my dismay, Oberlin  College appears to be winning the PR battle   it’s been waging ever since the Gibson’s verdict was announced.  And if there’s one aspect of this campaign which cries out— urgently—for refutation,  it’s this : the College’s cynical and jaw droppingly hypocritical --strategy of wrapping itself in the sanctity of… Continue reading Post #3: False Emergency

Post #2: The First Law of Holes

On November 11, 2019 –as the second day of  protests against Gibson’s Bakery was about to get underway  -–Oberlin’s then President Marvin Krislov and Meredith Raimondo, the College’s Vice President and Dean of Students,  issued a joint public statement in which they promised to  “commit every resource to determining the full and true narrative, including… Continue reading Post #2: The First Law of Holes

Coming soon: 5 Outrageous Things About This Controversy That You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

Coming Soon. Preview: A story  about  the college's student newspaper The Oberlin Review  , which published attacks on Gibson’s bakery without bothering to inform its  readers that one of its editors-in-chief had herself  been arrested for shoplifting at Gibson's. Conflict of interest? You be the judge .A story about a tenured faculty member in Oberlin's Conservatory… Continue reading Coming soon: 5 Outrageous Things About This Controversy That You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

Post #1: The College That Just Couldn’t Learn

Official spokespersons for Oberlin College have embarked on a no-holds-barred  exercise in damage control, a frantic --but thus far-- unconvincing attempt to answer the question: how did the College manage to step in so much legal do-do that the cleaning  bill may approach 25 million dollars (and that of course is the recently downsized figure:… Continue reading Post #1: The College That Just Couldn’t Learn